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PT. Menara Mas Futures operates under the regulation of Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (CoFTRA), and a member of Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX) as well as Indonesian Derivatives Clearing House (known as KBI) to ensure the credibility and transparency of the company.

  1. Member of Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency based on
    • SIUP BAPPEBTI: NO.583 / BAPPEBTI / SI / XII / 2004
  2. Member of Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX) based on
    • SPAB BBJ: NO. 087 / BBJ / 09 / 04
  3. Member of Indonesian Derivatives Clearing House based on
    • KBI: NO. 38 / AK - KBI / IV / 2006

Below are the names of PT. Menara Mas Futures registered Brokers and their certification number:

  1. Bucknell JH: 585/BAPPEBTI/SI/XII/2004
  2. Wien Filasofia: 49/BAPPEBTI/SI/02/2012
  3. Inggrid Arief Putri: 309/UPP/SI/05/2012
  4. Jani Adlisnur: 84/UPP/SI/01/2013